Some TV to Comic Adaptions I would like to see

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog. I hope you have been enjoying my Arrested Development Screenplay. I decided to take a break from that to post a more standard blog post(for me at least)

I’ve been done a few  comic-centric posts  with my Defenders pitch and Star Wars Comics I would like to see and I wanted to continue that thread with this post.

Today I’m talking about  TV shows I would like to see adapted as comic series. It seems to be a trend over the last few years in comics with X-files, Buffy, and Power Rangers, to name a few. And seeing these series has got me thinking of TV shows I would like to see revived in the comic book medium. Here they are in no particular order. Let me know what you think.

Heroes: This one seems like a no-brainer. Say what you will about the show, but it  still has some potential. It may never live back up to the promise of Season 1, but I think an ongoing series that takes place either between the main series and Heroes Reborn or after Heroes Reborn could be just what the franchise needs. A comic could bring back much-loved characters like Claire, Sylar and Peter without the hassle of actor scheduling and so forth. There was a rumored series just before Heroes Reborn was announced and I think continuing the story in comics is what Heroes needs.

Reaper: Like Heroes I think Reaper, a two season CW series that ended in 2009, lends itself well to a comic adaption and since the left the series on somewhat of a cliffhanger I think it a comic continuation would be fun to see.

My Name is Earl: I realize this suggestion is a little out there and I don’t know how well it would translate, but I want to see the My Name is Earl story wrapped up and if we can’t get another season or a movie this is the next best thing. I would also like to see a crossover mini-series with Raising Hope since we never really got a fully-fledged crossover when Raising Hope was on the air, although plenty of My Name is Earl actors showed up.

Knights of Prosperity: Despite only running for one 13-episode season Knights of Prosperity remains one of my favorite shows and I would like to see it continue in one way or another. Like My Name is Earl I’m not sure how well it would translate, but I feel like it could work. The show followed a gang of amateur themes whose goal is to steal from celebrities and the comic medium would allow them to feature which ever celebrity they want.

Those are a few of the TV to comic adaptions I would like to see. What shows would you like to see become comics?

Weekly Comic Pull List:

Speaking of Comics here’s what comics I’ll be picking up this week.

What I picked up Last Week:

Detective Comics #951: It was a slow week last week so this was the only comic I picked up, but still enjoyable

What I will be picking up this week:

X-files #11: I’ve been enjoying this new Contrarians storyline so I will continue to pick up X-files to read it

X-files Deviations #2:  I enjoyed the first deviations issue and I thought it was a standalone, but I’ll probably check this one out

Star Wars #29: I’m interested to read more of Yoda’s adventure.


What comics are you picking up this week?


Last Comedy Set:

I’m still at the comedy grind, averaging at least one set a week. Here’s my latest set last week from a showcase I did at a local theater. I apologize for the video quality.



Post end Poem: Here’s another poem I’ve been working on. Enjoy.

Sword of Fates

From the white cauldron

of the future

malevolent broth abounds.

Rancid scents sting her nostrils.


The sword of fates

will make her stronger,

but it will also weaken her.


The sword will be procured

from Dr. Funky,

curator of the weird

and gatekeeper

of the netherworld.


The golden sword

permeates her hands

with frigid ice

as it sings to her.


Faber est suae quisque fortunae

Dr. Funky whispers to

the formerly named girl

who will soon travel to Atlantis

after slaying Mari, the goddess of the sea.


Dr. Funky becomes a magnificent fire-breathing dragon.

She uses her allusion to slay him.


Where rests the white cauldron now?

She wonders as her journey begins.




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4 Star Wars Comics I would like to see

Hey everyone and welcome back. For my handful of readers out there, thanks for reading. Last post I talked about an idea I had for a marvel Defenders comic and I decided to tackle a different Marvel Franchise this week: Star Wars.

I have been a huge fan of the Marvel Star Wars line, picking up pretty much every ongoing and mini-series, but there are a few series I would like to see. Let me know what you think of my picks and what Star Wars Comics you would like to see. Here they are in no particular order.

Boba Fett(mini-series): I’m surprised there hasn’t been a boba fett series since Marvel started publishing the Star Wars comics two years ago, but I feel like it’s only a matter of time. I could see an ongoing series happening, but I would rather see a mini-series featuring everyone’s favorite bounty hunter. Perhaps one taking place between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi

Bounty Hunters(ongoing): Speaking of Bounty Hunter; Star Wars has a rich roster of bounty hunter besides just Boba fett and I would like to see an ongoing team book that pairs up some of the worst bounty hunting scum. I would like to see classic bounty hunters like Bossk, Dengar and IG-88 along with new creations such as Black Krrstan(from the Darth Vader and Doctor Aphra comics) and Chanath Cha(from the Lando mini-series) and maybe Aurra Sing. Boba Fett could be a guest star, but I would like the spotlight to stay on the lesser-known Bounty Hunters.  I think the series should be set after Return of the Jedi to explore what happens to the Bounty Hunters after the fall of the Empire

Wedge Antilles(mini-series): Besides Lando I was probably most disappointed that Wedge didn’t make an appearance in The Force Awakens. I feel like he’s an underappreciated character that I would like to see more of.  A Wedge series might be a little to close in concept to the ongoing Poe Dameron series, but I think it would also have the potential to be a good spy-thriller story with Wedge sent to infiltrate the Empire before the events of A New Hope

Mace Windu(mini-series): Even though he’s dead there’s no reason Mace Windu can’t still feature in the comics. I would like to see a mini-series featuring one of his adventures between Episodes I and II. Maybe even have him partner up with Yoda.

What do you guys think of my choices?


Weekly Comic Pull List:

Speaking of comics, here are the comics I will be picking up this week.

What I picked up last week:

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #3: Probably my least favorite of the star wars series. I’m not sure if I will pick up the next issue

Trinity #5: I’m interested to see how this initial story arc will end, but I’m not sure if I will keep reading beyond that

U.S.Avengers #2: The second issue was just as good as the first and Golden Skull makes for a great villain

X-files #10: I keep on wanting to stop reading this series, but every issues just seems to pull me back in.

What I will be picking up this week:

Star Wars #27: Speaking of Star Wars comics, this is probably my favorite one being published right now.

Infamous Iron Man #4: This is another book I’m on the fence about, but I’ll give it another shot to see what they do with the Victor von Doom character, one of my favorite villains

Detective Comics#949



Post end Poem:



The scorched black

sphere that was

the Earth

hangs insensately in the vast void of space

It’s destruction

came with millions of booms

which rescinded into

a long-winded whimper.


Last man walks on the

ashen sand of the Sahara Desert,

his feet pressing deeply into the coarse ground

Heat reaches up

for him like an ancient nemesis

trying to strangle him,

but he pulls back from the deadly embrace,


He seeks to leave the decaying world

and the countless bodies

discarded from thousands of


Their lifeless faces taunt him

from all directions

One day he will

remember this horrific moment

and cry out

until his vocal cord ruptures

and he is mute.


Man and Death sigh in unison,

contemplating the tragic misunderstanding

which led them here.


He steals another

deep breath,

and let’s the silence return.

He is just another

lost spirit

in the saga

of creation.




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Comic Book Pitch: Defenders of the Multiverse

I originally intended this to be a post about how Marvel should revive the Defenders team, but I guess they already have it planned with a Defender comic series featuring the same roster as the Netflix Series: Luke Cage, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist.

While I like the idea(I would like to see Punisher, Elektra, and maybe Moon Knight on the team, but otherwise…) I also think they should take advantage of the upsurge of interest in the Defenders name and create another book, most likely connected to this new one, that features a more traditional Defenders roster. I call it Defenders of the Multiverse and here’s my pitch.


Dr. Strange: Dr. Strange was one of the founding member of the Defenders so it would be nice to see him return. It would be interesting to see how he would work on the team now that he’s lost some of his magic

Namor: Also another founding member of the Defender

She-hulk: With Bruce Banner killed in Civil War II and Jennifer Walters about to get her own series simply titled Hulk she would make a great edition to the team.

Valkyrie, Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider: Three mainstays of the Defenders who would make good teammates. I wouldn’t mind seeing the return of the Johnny Blaze version of Ghost Rider.

Iron Fist: Iron Fist would provide a link with the main defenders team and it would be cool to see him teaming up with Dr. Strange and Ghost Rider, characters with mystic based powers also.

Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman: The Fantastic Four has disbanded. The Thing is with SHIELD. Human Torch is with the Inhumans, but what about Mr. and Mrs. Reed Richards. The last time we saw them was at the end of Secret Wars when Reed set out to recreate the Marvel Multi-verse, which is part of why he brings together this new team of Defenders, to help him defend the Multi-verse

Infamous Iron Man(Victor Von Doom): If the ongoing Infamous Iron Man series is any indication Victor Von Doom is trying to become and hero and what better way to do this than team-up with some other heroes to defend the Multi-verse,plus and uneasy alliance between the former Dr. Doom and Mr. Fantastic would be fun to see.

Story Line Pitch: Reed Richards and his wife Susan, who have gone off to reconstruct the Multi-verse have returned  to Earth when a new threat to the multi-verse(Kang the conqueror or one of his many alternate versions) emerges. They decide to assemble and team including their archnemesis Victor Von Doom to travel with them across the Multi-verse and fight Kang the Conqueror.

Anyways that’s my pitch for a new Defenders comic. What do you guys think and do you have any ideas of your own?

Latest Comedy Set:

This is a set I did last week for a open mic at my local VFW. It is probably the shortest set I’ve done.


Weekly Comic Pull List:

What I got last week:

Detective Comics #946: I’m still enjoying the series

All-star Batman #6: I was excited for the Mr. Freeze storyline and so far I’m enjoying it. Perhaps even more than the opening Two-face arc.

Poe Dameron #10: Not much to say beyond that I’m still enjoying this series

God Country #1: I wasn’t planning on picking this one up, but I thought I would check it out and I’m glad I did.

What I’m getting this week:

Trinity #5: I’m not sure about this series, but I will probably pick up this issue and see if it can keep my interest

X-files #10: I’m a pretty big fan of x-files which is the only reason I’m still reading this series

USAVengers #2:  I enjoyed the first issue, so I’m going to keep reading it.

Dr. Aphra #3: Out of the three ongoing Star Wars series I feel like this one is probably the weakest, but I’m willing to give it another chance


What are you picking up this week?




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Listening to: Departure by REM

Writing: My Arrested Development Screenplay.


That does it for me. See you next time