Movie Review: Logan(Warning Spoilers)

After 17 years Hugh Jackman is finally hanging up the metal claws with the movie Logan, which in my opinion serves as a worthy send-off for Hugh Jackman, the Wolverine character, and perhaps even the x-men franchise as a whole.

Although it has some flaws such as weak villains and an underwhelming death for Professor X, the most important character in the X-men movie franchise after Wolverine, Logan still manages to create a nice swan song for Jackman as Wolverine. In fact I hope they leave the character dormant for a while after this because Logan does such a good job of putting the character to rest(both literally and figuratively)

Logan shows us a Wolverine unlike anything we’ve seen in any of the other X-men movies and I think that’s a good thing. The grizzled Wolverine who has been beaten down by time and regret allowed Jackman to show more of a range than in any other X-men movie and I think that’s what superhero movies in general needs going forward. They need characters you care about and not just spectacle. It’s good when you can have both, but after 17 years of Wolverine it was nice to see him not just fighting another all-powerful villain, but actually facing his own demons and mortality.

That being said I was a little underwhelmed but the antagonists in this movie. Dr. Zander Rice(Richard E. Grant) wasn’t given much to do besides act menacing and his lap dog Donald Pierce(Boyd Holbrook) seemed cool at first, but ultimately didn’t add much to the film.

X-24, a cybernetic clone of Wolverine, did manage to bring the spectacle to some otherwise dull action scene and the battle between him and Logan was a nice metaphor for Logan’s struggle against himself, but in terms of personality he was lacking. Perhaps if he had been handled better in early movies Sabretooth could have provided a nice foil for Logan, but I’m glad they didn’t choose to muddy the rivalry between the two even more.

But, ultimately, Logan is not about Wolverine fighting external forces, but internal forces, one in particular being his failing healing factor and his ongoing sense of duty which leads him into the main conflict of the film which is rescuing his daughter/clone.

Laura(Dafne Keen) makes for a good addition to the cast and I can see the potential for her to be explored in future movies. Her chemistry with both Logan and Professor X really ties the whole film together and I think the decision to focus on the relationship between those three really works. Together they all have good chemistry and while Logan gets the most of the spotlight Laura and Charles both get their chances to shine.

I have a feeling this could also be a farewell to Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier and if that is the case for the most part I’m satisfied with it, although I felt his death could have had more impact. The exploration of his guilt over killing his X-men was cut a little short and to be honest I thought his being stabbed was a dream sequence at first.

Despite its flaws the chemistry between the three main leads make the film work and a wolverine character that is different from all his other appearances makes it stand-out among all the X-men franchise.

Logan is also only the second film in the X-men franchise to get an R-rating and like Deadpool I feel like it makes good use of it to show us the brutality that comes along with the wolverine character and even Laura. The use of the word “Fuck” was a little uneven in terms of effectiveness, but added to the grizzled nature Wolverine.

Overall, although it has some flaws, I enjoyed Logan and for me it ranks as probably the top Wolverine movie and one of the top X-men movies overall and a great send-off for a character and actor who have been synonymous with the X-men brand for close to two decades.

Final Score: 2.25(great with some flaws)

An explanation of my rating system: I have decided to be a little different and rate my review material on a 0-3 scale in .5 integrals. So for example 0 is absolutely awful, .5 is atrocious 1 is sub par 1.5 is mediocre 2 is great, 2.5 is near perfect and 3 is obviously perfect.  I don’t plan on giving to many 0s or 3 unless the review subject is truly worthy of them.